“A Stolen Life” review

A Stolen Life
by Jaycee Dugard

Patricia‘s review – Sep 14, 2012

Really liked it
Generally, I do not give a book four stars unless it has substantial literary merit, but this account of an abducted child who was imprisoned by her kidnapper for 18 years and gave birth to two daughters before escaping is so authentic, so honest, and so worthy that I cannot give less.
Jaycee Dugard begins her story on the day she was yanked into a stranger’s car and imprisoned in his back yard shed without clothing, food, or a bed to lie on. Her account is voiced by herself at that moment, and her perspective grows over the years of her confinement and abuse, limited as it was by her surroundings. She says that it is important to her that her abuser’s identity be revealed and not forgotten or excused or dismissed. A must read for any parent or social worker.

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