“Clementine” review

Clementine (Clementine, #1)
by Sara Pennypacker, Marla Frazee (Illustrator)

Patricia‘s review –┬áSep 20, 2012

It was amazing
  • Charming main character, a problematic, hilarious redhead who easily finds solutions to problems and wonders why she is always being accused of not paying attention when she is the only one aware of what’s really going on at school. Clementine spends a lot of time at the principal’s office. She would much rather be playing with her friend Margaret. Realistic parents and adults, an engaging chapter book for elementary readers (I couldn’t find a reading level anywhere, but I’m guessing grades 2-5).
    Marvelous illustrations by Marla Frazee, who has also illustrated others in the Clementine series.
    Here’s a snippet:
    This year I am in the gifted class for math. And here is the bad surprise–so far no gifts. I told Principal Rice about that problem when she got back from calming down Margaret’s mother.
    “So far no gifts,” I told her, extremely politely.
    Principal Rice rolled her eyes to the ceiling then, like she was looking for something up there. Ceiling snakes maybe, just waiting to drip on you…
    “Clementine, you need to pay attention,” said Principal Rice. “We need to discuss Margaret’s hair. What are you doing on the floor?”
    “Helping you look for ceiling snakes,” I reminded her.
    “Ceiling snakes? What ceiling snakes?” she asked.
    See what I mean? Me–paying attention; everybody else–not. I am amazed they let someone with this problem be the boss of a school.SERIES:
    The Talented Clementine
    Clementine’s Letter
    Clementine, Friend of the Week
    Clementine and the Family Meeting
    Clementine and the Spring Trip

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